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The Condomium Apartments at Hollybrook...

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Hollybrook is organized into 6 phases containing 1902 condominium units . The apartments feature one, two, and two bedroom convertible units in phases 1-5, and 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom convertible units in phase 6.


Hollybrook is an immaculately landscaped and maintained community. At the current time the maintenance cost per unit is approximately $455/mo. for phases 1-5 and $561/mo. for Phase 6.

The Condominum Association
Hollybrook is administered by a single Board of Administration consisting of 20 Directors and 5 officers. There are a set of basic rules and qualifications for ownership at Hollybrook. To  view  a summary of some of the more important of these qualifications
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Prices (Sales and Rentals)
Although the apartments and ammenities are superior to most of the surrounding communities, the prices are usually lower by comparison.
All the apartments have either a lake, golf course, garden or pool view.

1 / 1 TOWERS 800 VIEW
1 / 1 1/2 PHASES 1-5 900 VIEW
2 / 1 1/2 CONV. PHASES 1-5 1050 VIEW
2 / 2 CONV PHASES 1-5 1170 VIEW
2 / 2 PHASES 1-5 1170 VIEW
2 / 2 PHASE 6 1459 VIEW
2 / 2 CORNER PHASE 6 1550 VIEW
3 / 2 CONV PHASE 6 1570 VIEW
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Prices range from about $65,000 for an 800 sq. ft.  one bedroom unit to $175,000 for a 1550 sq. ft. 3 bedroom unit. Rentals start at about $1000/mo. yearly, and $2000/mo. for the season (December-April). Hollybrook Golf and Tennis Club is truly an incredible value as well as an incredible place.

Floor Plans
There are eight different floor plans. Each apartment has an additional storage locker outside the unit and an assigned parking space. Every building is equipped with an elevator and a laundry room on each floor. The apartments in phase 6 have washers and dryers inside them.

Some of Our Models in Video!  

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